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Brown County Jail

The Brown County Jail, located in Mt. Sterling, offers a range of services and programs to support inmates during their time of incarceration. These include educational programs, religious services, and counseling services. Inmates at the jail can also access medical care and engage in recreational activities. With a capacity to house up to 115 inmates, the Brown County Jail accommodates individuals who are awaiting trial or have already been sentenced. The operation of the facility is overseen by the Brown County Sheriff’s Office, which prioritizes maintaining a safe and humane environment for all incarcerated individuals.


Visiting Inmates

Families and friends have the opportunity to visit their loved ones at the Brown County Jail. The designated visitation hours are as follows:


Monday: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Tuesday: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Wednesday: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Thursday: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Friday: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Saturday: 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM

Sunday: 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM


Each inmate at the Brown County Jail is granted three visits per week, with each visit lasting a maximum of 23 minutes. To participate in a visit, visitors must be included on the approved visitation list of the inmate they wish to see. It is important to note that all visitors to the Brown County Jail are subject to search as a security measure. Visitation is conducted through video calls since in-person contact visits are not allowed at the facility. For more detailed guidelines and information about visitation, individuals can reach out to the Brown County Jail facility at 217-773-2011.


Inmate Phone Services

Securus Tech is the provider of phone services for inmates at the Brown County Jail. Inmates at the jail have the ability to place collect calls to any phone number that accepts such calls, including the designated number 217-773-2011. However, incoming calls are not permitted for inmates at the Brown County Jail in Illinois. Moreover, the facility offers a prepaid calling program that allows friends and family members to deposit funds into the inmate’s account. These funds can be utilized by the inmate to make phone calls. It is important to note that calls made by inmates at the Brown County Jail are monitored at all times for security purposes.


Depositing Funds as an Inmate

In order to facilitate inmate purchases at the Brown County Jail commissary, cover phone call expenses, and provide funds upon release, inmates are able to receive money from friends and family members through various channels. Residents of Brown County, Illinois can deposit money into the inmate’s account using three different methods:


1. Credit Cards: The simplest way to deposit money into the inmate’s account at Brown County Jail, IL is by utilizing a debit card.

2. Money Orders and Checks: Money orders or cashier’s checks made payable to “Brown County Jail” can be mailed to the facility to deposit funds into the inmate’s account.

3. In-Person Deposits: Alternatively, individuals can visit the Brown County Jail lobby and use the available kiosk to make a deposit into the inmate’s account.


These options ensure that inmates have access to funds for necessary purchases, communication, and support both during their time at Brown County Jail and upon their release.


Mail for Inmates

At Brown County Jail in Illinois, inmates have the opportunity to send and receive mail within specified guidelines. When sending mail to the jail, it must be sent through the United States Postal Service. However, it’s important to note that inmates are not permitted to receive packages from friends or family members. To ensure security, all incoming mail is subject to opening and inspection by the staff at Brown County Jail.


There are certain restrictions in place regarding the sender of mail to inmates. Specifically, inmates cannot receive mail from individuals on the jail’s prohibited list, which includes Brown County sex offenders and individuals convicted of Illinois crimes involving force or violence. Additionally, mail containing obscene or sexually explicit material is not allowed to be received by Brown County Jail inmates.


These guidelines for mail services at Brown County Jail aim to maintain a safe and controlled environment while enabling inmates to maintain contact with the outside world through written correspondence.


Brown County Sheriff Department

Justin Oliver serves as the Sheriff within the Brown County Sheriff’s Office, holding the position of the top law enforcement official in Brown County. To contact Sheriff Justin Oliver, individuals can reach out by dialing 217-773-2011. The Brown County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for a range of crucial law enforcement functions, including traffic and criminal enforcement, conducting investigations, as well as providing civil process services.


Overview of Brown County

Brown County, located in west central Illinois, is situated amidst picturesque landscapes of fertile fields and rolling hills. The county came into existence in 1839, having been formed from Schuyler County. Its name pays tribute to U.S. General Jacob Brown, renowned for his victory over the British at the Battle of Sackett’s Harbor in 1813. Encompassing an area of 307 square miles, Brown County had a population of 6,937 residents according to the 2010 census, making it the fifth smallest county in the state.


The city of Mt. Sterling was originally planned by Alexander Curry in 1833, who generously donated the land for the establishment of the city. In 1837, the City received lots #10 and #11 as a gift, designated for use as a public square. During this time, Mt. Sterling was part of Schuyler County. Due to the challenges posed by crossing the La Moine River during certain times of the year, many local residents advocated for relocating the Schuyler County seat from Rushville to a more central location. However, instead of moving the seat, the Illinois state legislature enacted a law on February 1, 1839, calling for the creation of a new county named after General Jacob Brown. Thus, Brown County was established and began its search for a suitable site to construct a courthouse.


On June 15, 1839, it was decided that the county seat of Brown County would be Mt. Sterling. On the same day, lots #10 and #11, known as the public square, were designated as the location for the county courthouse.


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