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Benton County Jail

The Array serves as a medium security detention center for adult detainees in Fowler, Benton County, Indiana. Located at 105 South Lincoln Avenue, Fowler, IN, 47944, this correction facility is known for its significant capacity among the prison offices in Benton County. With a total of 43 beds, it can accommodate a considerable number of inmates.


Within the Benton County Jail’s premises, the Administrative wing houses various important facilities. These include the Jail Administrator’s office, the sheriff’s office, a waiting area, a front office, a kitchen, and a muster room. Typically, this detention center primarily accommodates individuals who are awaiting trial, posting bond, or serving short sentences, usually less than a year. It is worth noting that the majority of inmates at the Benton County jail have been convicted of less serious offenses, such as misdemeanor crimes.


Information Regarding Bonds

Bonds can be processed on a daily basis until 10pm, with the accepted form of payment limited to money orders. It is important to note that checks and cash are not accepted for bond payments.


Visitation Procedures for the Jail

Visitation for each inmate is subject to specific regulations. They are allowed either one (1) visitation of 30 minutes duration or two (2) visitations of 15 minutes each within a period of seven (7) days.

To ensure a visit, it is mandatory to schedule it at least 24 hours in advance. Any visit that has not been scheduled within the specified timeframe will not be permitted.

Inmates may receive visitors during designated time slots throughout the day. The visiting hours are divided into three periods: 7:30am to 10:30am, 11:30am to 3:30pm, and 4:30pm to 9:30pm. These time slots are arranged to accommodate meal times and allow for a 30-minute period before the nightly lockdown.

To schedule a visit, individuals can contact 1-866-340-7879 or visit inmatesales.com. It is important to adhere to the specified procedures and guidelines for a successful visitation.


Benton County Sheriff Department

The Benton County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for serving approximately 8,700 residents in Benton County, Indiana, which spans an area of 412 square miles. This department plays a crucial role in operating and maintaining an enhanced 911 system, as well as a 24-hour, multi-agency dispatching center that covers the entire county. Additionally, the Sheriff’s Department is responsible for the secure custody and management of county jail inmates. The current facility, established in 1997, has a capacity of 43 inmates, excluding holding cells.


The Benton County Indiana Sheriff’s Department is committed to upholding community safety and ensuring the well-being of both residents and visitors passing through the area.


Overview of Benton County

Benton County, established in 1840, derived its name from Thomas Hart Benton, a notable lawyer and member of the U.S. Senate representing Missouri. Benton was highly supportive of pioneers and settlers in the western regions, earning him the nickname “Old Bullion.” Encompassing an area of 406.30 square miles, Benton County, Indiana, remains largely dominated by agriculture, mirroring the pursuits of its early settlers.


The county boasts a rich history, particularly in the realm of agriculture, earning recognition as one of Indiana’s premier agricultural communities. It is also renowned as the birthplace of Dan Patch, the celebrated World Champion Harness Horse. Additionally, Benton County has gained prominence as the location of Indiana’s First Wind Farm, a significant milestone in its evolving landscape.

Thomas Hart Benton’s legacy extends beyond the county’s namesake. Known for championing westward expansion and advocating for the concept of Manifest Destiny, Benton County is one of seven states to honor the senator by naming counties after him. Bentonville, Indiana, also derives its name from this influential figure. Thomas Hart Benton passed away on April 10, 1858, in Washington D.C., but his impact resonates through time. Notably, his great-grandnephew, also named Thomas Hart Benton, achieved fame as a renowned painter in the 20th century.


In recent years, Benton County has undergone a significant transformation with the advent of wind energy. Amidst the vast corn and soybean fields, visitors and residents now witness the sight of numerous wind turbines adorning the horizon. Serving as Indiana’s inaugural wind farms, these installations represent one of the largest single concentrated Wind Farms in the United States, with a current count of 620 turbines.


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