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Barren County Jail

The Barren County Detention Center operates under the direct supervision of the Barren County Sheriff’s Office. It is categorized as a medium-security county facility that accommodates adult male and female inmates from both the county and other jurisdictions as needed. The majority of individuals housed in the Barren County Detention Center are awaiting the commencement of their trials, undergoing their trials, or have already been convicted.

Telephone Access for Incarcerated Individuals

Inmate phone services, including calling cards, are provided by SECURUS Technologies. To arrange collect calls or request number blocking, individuals can contact 1-800-844-6591.


Details Regarding Bail Bonds

Personal Recognizance: Individuals may be granted release on their own recognizance, provided they promise to attend all scheduled court proceedings and comply with any other requirements set by the court.


Unsecured Bond or Surety Bond: In cases where an unsecured appearance bond is issued, the individual or their surety must pledge to forfeit a specified amount if they fail to appear as required by the court.


Partially Secured Bond: Cash bail can be secured by depositing 10% of the total amount (minimum $5). If the individual is found guilty and meets the court’s release conditions, 10% of the cash deposit will be retained. However, failure to appear as requested by the court will result in the forfeiture of the entire cash bond.


All bond payments must be made in cash, with the exact amount required. Cash bonds exceeding $10,000.00 must be paid at the Circuit Clerk’s office.


When posting bond, individuals are subject to various fees, including a $55.00 administrative/booking fee, a $5.00 jail bond fee, a $25.00 court filing fee, and daily housing fees of $40.00 for Barren County inmates and $28.00 for inmates from other counties.


Weekenders: Individuals serving weekend sentences must pay all fees in full at the time of booking, with the number of days sentenced determining the applicable fees.


Circuit Work Release: Weekly fees for individuals participating in circuit work release programs must be paid without exceptions.


District Work Release: Arrangements for fees in district work release programs must be made with the County Treasurer’s Office.


Visiting Hours and Guidelines

Barren County Detention Center offers the convenience of scheduling video visits with your loved ones online through Securus Technologies. The process of scheduling your visit is straightforward:


1.       Visit www.videovisitanywhere.com.

2.       Click on the “Schedule an Onsite Visit” button.

3.       Choose the state and correctional facility where your loved one is located.

4.       Search for the inmate you wish to visit.

5.       Select the desired duration, date, and time, then click “Finish.”

6.       Your information will be forwarded to the facility upon completion.


What happens next?


1.       You will receive a confirmation email containing your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

2.       Print this email and bring it with you on the scheduled visit day.

3.       Arrive at the facility 30 minutes before your scheduled visit.

4.       Enter your PIN number two minutes prior to the start of your visit and enjoy!


Sign up for Securus Video Visitation today!


Now you can visit an inmate from anywhere with internet access using your Android or Apple smartphone, tablet, or computer with a webcam.




1.       Easy and convenient.

2.       Include more people in your visit.

3.       Stay connected by sharing birthdays and special events.

4.       Save time by eliminating travel to the jail and taking time off from work. Visit from wherever is convenient for you.

5.       Visiting from anywhere is simple!


To create a Securus Online account, visit www.videovisitanywhere.com and click “Sign Up.” You will need to submit a photo and a government-issued ID for approval to visit the facility. Once approved, log in to your Securus Online account and select “Schedule a Visit.”


Enjoy your video visit from anywhere!


Money Transfers

The correctional facility provides multiple options for sending money to support an inmate’s account. One method involves mailing a money order to the facility’s address, requiring the inmate’s full name and ID number to be included on the order. If you are local to the facility, you can also personally drop off the money order.


Additionally, there is a kiosk available at the correctional facility where you can deposit funds. This kiosk accepts credit cards, debit cards, and cash payments. However, please note that the kiosk does not accept $1 bills and does not provide change.


For those who are not nearby, an alternative option is to use smartdeposit.com to fund an inmate’s account. To utilize this service, you will need to know the inmate’s ID number. Smartdeposit charges a service fee starting at $2.95.


The minimum amount that can be deposited using Smartdeposit is $5, while the maximum amount is $200 per week for an inmate’s account.


Barren County Sheriff Department

The address of the establishment is 117 North Public Square, Glasgow, Kentucky, with the zip code 42141. To contact them by phone, dial 270-651-2771, and for fax communications, the number is 270-651-8204.


Overview of Barren County

Barren County, situated in the southern-central region of Kentucky, is a county known for its fertile land and rich heritage. According to the 2020 census, the county has a population of 44,485 residents. The county seat is Glasgow, a name inspired by the Scottish city of Glasgow. The county was established on December 20, 1798, carved out of portions of Warren and Green Counties. Over the course of its history, Barren County has seen the construction of six courthouses, with the first one being built using logs.

Barren County is predominantly influenced by its early settlers, the Scots-Irish, whose cultural legacy is still evident today. The Scottish heritage is particularly prominent, showcased through annual events like the Glasgow Highland Games, which is one of three highland games held in Kentucky each year. In 2007, Barren County was honored as the “Best Place to Live in Rural America” by Progressive Farmer Magazine.

Traditionally, Barren County was a dry or prohibition county, prohibiting the sale of alcohol. However, in September 2016, voters overturned this restriction. Prior to that, two exceptions existed. Cave City adopted a “moist” status in 2005, allowing alcohol sales by the drink in restaurants meeting specific criteria. Later in 2014, full package sales were approved in Cave City. Similarly, Glasgow approved liquor by the drink under certain restrictions on November 6, 2007, following the defeat of previous elections aiming for full alcohol sales in the city.

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