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Baldwin County Jail

The Baldwin County Jail, situated in Milledgeville, Georgia, primarily serves as a holding facility for individuals awaiting trial. With a maximum-security capacity of 160 beds, it detains Baldwin County offenders accused of misdemeanor offenses who are unable to post bail or are awaiting their court appearances. The jail receives detainees arrested by the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office deputies, the Milledgeville Police Department, as well as federal agencies.


The security level at the Baldwin County Jail is categorized as minimum, and it is located in Baldwin County, Georgia. On average, there are approximately 389 bookings per month at the facility. The day-to-day operations of the jail are overseen by a team of 28 staff members. Additionally, throughout the year, the jail employs more than 26 prisoners for various tasks, including kitchen duties, laundry services, and other assigned activities.


Rules for Visiting the Facility

At the Baldwin County Jail, inmates have the opportunity to engage in two 45-minute onsite video visits per week. To ensure a smooth process, these visits must be scheduled in advance and can take place between 8:15 am and 4:00 pm from Tuesday to Sunday. It is important to note that if either the prisoner or the visitor fails to comply with the established rules, the visitation privileges may be restricted. The designated visiting hours at the jail are as follows:


Mail/Package Sending Process

To communicate with an inmate at the Baldwin County Jail, you have the option to send mail or letters. When sending mail, it is important to address it correctly using the following format:

Baldwin County Jail

Prisoner’s Full Reserving Name (including IDN)
119 Old Monticello Road, Milledgeville, GA, 31061

Please note that all incoming and outgoing personal mail will be thoroughly inspected to ensure there is no contraband involved.

If you wish to send money to an inmate, you can conveniently use any of the jail’s ATMs located in the lobby of the Baldwin County Jail.


Baldwin County Sheriff Department

The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office is a highly regarded law enforcement organization dedicated to providing exceptional service to the residents of Baldwin County, which consists of over 40,000 individuals. This comprehensive agency encompasses various departments, including the jail, uniform patrol, the 911 Center, and the court. Comprised of 146 committed employees, the Sheriff’s Office is committed to delivering professional and courteous law enforcement services to the community. As a state-certified agency, they prioritize the recruitment, training, and retention of highly qualified individuals. Recognizing the significance of community involvement, the Sheriff’s Office actively seeks opportunities to collaborate closely with the residents of Baldwin County, Georgia.

Sheriff Bill Massee, born on October 9, 1946, in Milledgeville, Georgia, received his education from the Baldwin County public schools. He graduated from Baldwin High School in 1964 and earned an Associate’s Degree from the Georgia Military College. In 1970, Sheriff Massee obtained a BBA from Georgia College and State University. His law enforcement career commenced in 1971 when he joined the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, where he worked for six years. From 1985 to 1988, he served as the Chief of Police of the Milledgeville Police Department. Currently, Sheriff Bill Massee is in his eighth term as the Baldwin County Sheriff, having been elected in 1988 and assuming office on January 1, 1989.

Throughout his tenure, Sheriff Massee has held distinguished appointments and received notable elections. He previously served as the President of the Georgia Sheriff’s Association and the Constitutional Officers Association of Georgia. Additionally, he has been a board member of the Georgia Board of Corrections.


Overview of Baldwin County

For countless centuries, the Creek Nation and various indigenous cultures inhabited the land. Eventually, a portion of this land was relinquished by the Creek people through the Treaty of Fort Wilkinson in 1802, leading to the establishment of Baldwin County on May 11, 1803, by the Georgia General Assembly.

Originally, the land west of the Oconee River was divided into Baldwin and Wilkinson Counties. The state’s western boundary was later expanded to the Ocmulgee River through the Treaty of Washington with the Creek in 1805. In 1806, an additional legislative act incorporated some of this newly acquired land into both counties. Subsequently, on December 10, 1807, the state legislature passed a law that carved out four new counties from the 1806 borders of Baldwin County. Furthermore, Baldwin County was extended eastward with the inclusion of land from Hancock and Washington Counties. The four new counties created were Morgan, Jones, Putnam, and present-day Jasper (originally named Randolph County).

The county derived its name from Abraham Baldwin, a notable figure who signed the United States Constitution, served as a U.S. congressman representing Georgia, and played a key role in founding the University of Georgia. As white settlers arrived in the area, large cotton plantations flourished, largely dependent on slave labor. The advent of the cotton gin made processing short-staple cotton profitable, particularly in the uplands of Georgia. This region, known as the Black Belt of Georgia, possessed fertile soil and became a significant destination for enslaved individuals being traded from the Upper South and the Low Country. Milledgeville, the county seat, served as the former capital of Georgia from 1804 to 1868. It holds the distinction of being the only planned capital city in the United States, aside from Washington, D.C. Another example of a planned city is Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana.


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