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Atkinson County Jail

The Atkinson County Jail, situated in Pearson, Georgia, serves exclusively Atkinson County and its surrounding areas. Located within the Georgia region, Atkinson County is home to the county seat, Pearson. Established in 1919, Atkinson County has a population of 8,342 residents. Encompassing a total area of 344.534 square miles, the county is identified by the zip codes 31624, 31642, and 31650. The Atkinson County Jail functions as a correctional facility within this jurisdiction, providing essential services to the local community.


The Atkinson County Jail is a correctional facility located at 20 Smith Avenue West, Pearson, GA, 31642. This jail caters to adult inmates from diverse racial backgrounds, including those with mental health issues, individuals awaiting trial, and those serving sentences. Adhering to Atkinson County Health guidelines, the facility provides essential health services to the inmates. Moreover, the Atkinson County Jail offers programs aimed at enhancing the general skills of the inmates, with the ultimate goal of facilitating their successful reintegration into society upon release.


Rules for Visiting the Facility

VISITATION takes place at the jail fence located along the sidewalk. The jailor will guide individuals to the designated area. It is mandatory to maintain a distance of 3 feet from the fence while interacting. Communication will occur through the fence.


DAY AND TIME: Visitation hours occur on Saturdays from 9:30 to 10:10 AM and 10:15 to 10:55 AM. The specific time slots for individual inmates are determined based on their cell location. To obtain the designated visitation time for your loved one, please inquire directly with them or contact the jail authorities.


VISIT FREQUENCY: During each visitation period, it is allowed for each inmate to have a maximum of two (2) visitors.


DURATION: On designated visiting days, each inmate will be granted the opportunity to spend a duration of forty (40) minutes with each visitor.


CHILDREN: Visitors under the age of 17 will not be allowed to visit an inmate unless they are accompanied by an approved adult visitor. Children (individuals under the age of 17) are allowed to visit the jail facility exclusively on a designated day, which must be approved in advance by the jail administrator. Children are only permitted in the lobby area during Children’s Visitation Day. Additionally, only the biological, adopted, or stepchildren of an inmate are eligible to visit.


SEARCH: All visitors are obligated to undergo a search in accordance with state law and may face the possibility of being denied visitation privileges for valid reasons such as intoxication, disruptive behavior, or causing disturbances. The Jail Administrator holds the authority to remove such visitors from the approved visitation list based on their discretion.


IDENTIFICATION AND CHECK-IN PROCEDURE: Upon arrival, visitors are instructed to register at the front counter under the supervision of the visitation officer. Prior to being granted access to visit, all visitors must present a valid form of identification containing a photograph. However, children are exempt from providing photo identification, but they may be asked to present a copy of their birth certificate specifically on children’s visitation day.


INMATE’S VISITATION LIST: In adherence to a standard policy, visitors who are not included on an inmate’s approved visitation list will typically be prohibited from visiting the inmate.


APPROPRIATE ATTIRE: Visitors are required to dress in a suitable manner. Wearing provocative or revealing attire is strictly prohibited. If the jailor determines that a visitor’s attire is inappropriate, they will be denied visitation privileges.


UNAUTHORIZED VISITATION: Visitors are required to utilize the designated sidewalks while present on Jail Property. It is strictly prohibited for visitors to traverse across the grass and approach any inmate housing area in an attempt to communicate with the inmates. Violators of this rule may face legal consequences, including potential prosecution for criminal trespassing. Additionally, visitors who engage in unauthorized visits may have their visiting privileges revoked.


FUNDS: Inmate account deposits can be made by handing the funds to the jailor. Upon depositing, a receipt will be provided to acknowledge the transaction.


Inmate Funds Transfer

Atkinson County Jail prisoners are entitled to receive funds for their necessities. Money can be sent to the inmate’s account at Atkinson County Jail, either in the form of cash or through a credit bank located in the lobby’s kiosk. To deposit funds electronically via bank debit, individuals can visit the Atkinson County Jail inmate’s account on www.jailatm.com. The funds can be utilized by the inmate to purchase personal clothing, socks, and underwear from the commissary available within Atkinson County Jail.


Inmate Phone Calls

At Atkinson County Jail in Georgia, a call collection system is in place, managed by Securus Tech. Inmates at the jail do not have the ability to receive incoming calls or make outgoing calls. In the event of an emergency, incoming calls for an inmate will be handled by the supervisor at Atkinson County Jail. The inmate will be notified and given an opportunity to return the call to the caller. To contact Atkinson County Jail, please dial the following number: 912-422-3611.


Inmate Mail

Mail to: Inmate Name

c/o Atkinson County Sheriff’s Office

P.O. Box 157

Pearson, GA 31642


Important Note: Please refrain from including any items in correspondence (such as letters or cards) intended for individuals in custody.


When sending money to an inmate via mail, kindly use US Postal Money Orders as they are the only accepted form of payment. Other types of money orders and checks will not be accepted. It is also advised not to send cash through the mail, as it poses a risk of being lost or stolen. Please note that the Sheriff’s Office cannot be held responsible for any cash that is sent through the mail and subsequently lost or stolen.


Due to the various methods by which drugs and contraband can be introduced into jail facilities, certain common items that are prone to facilitating the introduction of contraband are not permitted to be sent to inmates in custody:



Blank Checks


Plastic Items

Writing Instruments


Items containing glue

Anything used to conduct a business

Oversized greeting cards


Credit cards


Polaroid Pictures

Sexually explicit material


Atkinson County Sheriff Department

The Atkinson County Sheriff’s Office places great importance on the community’s perception of the services it provides. The department values the information provided by individuals as it assists in delivering the highest quality law enforcement service to the Atkinson County community. The input received will be utilized to shape programs, priorities, training, and disciplinary measures, ensuring that the department maintains its esteemed reputation for excellence.


The Atkinson County Sheriff’s Office adheres to a policy of giving proper supervisory attention to all public feedback, whether it takes the form of commendations or complaints. Commendations received are forwarded to the respective staff member mentioned, while any complaints are thoroughly investigated. This includes information provided by individuals directly involved in an incident, witnesses, as well as friends or relatives of those involved. The Sheriff’s Office encourages individuals to share their comments in person, through mail, or via telephone. While providing one’s name is not mandatory, it is encouraged as it may be necessary for the Sheriff’s Office to contact the person for additional details regarding the incident. Whether expressing positive or negative views about the agency’s performance, the Sheriff’s Office welcomes individuals to voice their opinions.


Overview of Atkinson County

Atkinson County, situated in the state of Georgia, is recognized as a county with a population of 8,375 according to the 2010 census. It was established in 1917, formed by combining sections of Coffee and Clinch Counties. The county seat is Pearson. Atkinson County received its name in honor of William Yates Atkinson, a Democratic governor who served Georgia from 1894 to 1898.

As per the U.S. Census Bureau, Atkinson County spans a total area of 345 square miles (890 km2), out of which 339 square miles (880 km2) is land and 5.2 square miles (13 km2) (1.5%) is water. The majority of the county falls within the Satilla River sub-basin of the St. Marys-Satilla River basin. A narrow region along the western border, extending through Willacoochee, lies within the Alapaha River sub-basin of the Suwannee River basin. Additionally, a small southeastern corner of the county is situated in the Upper Suwannee River sub-basin of the same Suwannee River basin.

Based on the 2000 census data, Atkinson County had a population of 7,609 individuals, with 2,717 households and 1,980 families residing in the county. The population density was recorded at 22 people per square mile (8.5 people/km2). The county had a total of 3,171 housing units, with an average density of 9 per square mile (3.5/km2). According to the 2010 United States Census, the county’s population saw an increase to 8,375 people, with 2,983 households and 2,159 families residing in the area. The population density was calculated at 24.7 inhabitants per square mile (9.5/km2). The county featured 3,522 housing units, averaging at a density of 10.4 per square mile (4.0/km2). As of the 2020 United States census, Atkinson County reported a population of 8,286 individuals, with 2,880 households and 1,976 families living within the county.

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