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Appanoose County Jail

The current Appanoose County Jail, situated in the Appanoose County – City of Centerville Law Enforcement Center, was finalized in December 1974. It is conveniently located off Iowa Hwy 2 on the western edge of Centerville. Under the leadership of Sheriff Gerald Banks in 1986, the Sheriff’s Office began employing a dedicated full-time Jail staff. At present, the Jail has a team of 6 full-time jailers and is authorized to accommodate both male and female inmates, including juveniles. According to legal specifications, a jail refers to any county or municipal building intended for the lawful confinement or detention of individuals held in custody.


The Appanoose County Jail serves the purpose of detaining individuals as mandated by law. It houses convicted individuals serving their sentences for crimes they have been found guilty of, as well as those awaiting trial. The jail primarily functions as a means of punishment, not for punishment, and ensures that maximum security is provided without subjecting inmates to unnecessary discomfort. Its primary objective is to safeguard and uphold the peace and security of the community. Inmates are to be treated with respect, dignity, and fairness, in accordance with humane and courteous standards.


Inmate Visitations

Visiting Hours: Sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Download Visitors Questionnaire in PDF format


Visitation at the Appanoose County Jail is allowed for immediate family members, including siblings, parents, spouses, legal guardians, and grandparents. Additionally, up to three (3) non-family members can be approved by the Jail Administrator or their designated representative prior to the visit. Non-family members must complete and return the visitor questionnaire to gain approval for visitation.


All visitors must present a valid photo identification card and sign the Visitor Log, providing their name, address, birth date, and the name of the inmate they are visiting. Failure to complete the Visitor Log will result in denial of visitation rights.


Contact visitation is not permitted, and all visitors are subject to search by jail staff as a condition of entry into the visitation area. Refusal to cooperate with a search will result in denial of access to the visitation area.


Reasonable visitation is permitted for inmates in accordance with the rules of the Appanoose County Jail. However, visitation privileges may be revoked if any illegal activities or violations of jail rules and policies occur, such as attempting to bring in contraband, weapons, or chemical agents.


Attorneys and ministers are allowed to visit inmates between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on weekdays, or at other pre-arranged times that do not unduly disrupt jail security and daily routines.


Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times, and no child should be left unattended in the waiting room while an adult is visiting an inmate.


Individuals under the age of 18 are permitted to visit if they are the inmate’s son, stepson, daughter, stepdaughter, brother, sister, or grandchild, and they must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.


Inmates under certain disciplinary restrictions may not be eligible for visitation.


Once a visitor leaves the Visitation Area, they require permission from the on-duty Jailer to return.


Visitors are prohibited from bringing cigarettes or other tobacco products into the facility.


Money can be brought by visitors for inmates to make purchases from the Jail Commissary.


Visitors are not allowed to bring any electronic devices, including cell phones, into the jail facility.


The Appanoose County Sheriff’s Office is not responsible for visitors’ personal belongings. Failure to comply with any rules will result in the revocation of visitation privileges. For any inquiries regarding visitor rules, please direct them to the Jail Administrator.


Telephone Calls

Upon admission to the facility, inmates have the right to communicate with their attorney and family members. Privileged telephone calls from attorneys or clergy members will be received at a reasonable time and made on the inmate telephone. In the event that an attorney or clergy call is not accepted, Jail Staff will contact the respective individual and make arrangements for the call to be conducted at their convenience. Inmates in special status will be assisted by staff to make privileged phone calls.


Making harassing or annoying phone calls is strictly prohibited, and disciplinary and/or criminal action will be taken against any inmate who engages in such behavior. Inmates are generally not allowed to receive personal phone calls unless it is an emergency situation.


Non-privileged inmate phone calls may be subject to monitoring and recording at the discretion of the Sheriff or their appointed representative.


For inquiries regarding the inmate phone system or to set up a phone account for an inmate, please contact Friends and Family of Inmates Customer Service at 1-800-896-3201 or visit www.reliancetelephone.com.



There are no restrictions on the amount of general correspondence that can be received by an inmate at the Appanoose County Jail. However, all incoming non-privileged mail will be opened and searched for any prohibited items. This mail may also be read and copied for security purposes. Prohibited items are defined as any items that have not been issued or explicitly permitted by the jail staff.


Only mail received through the United States Post Office will be delivered to inmates. Inmates under the supervision of the Appanoose County Jail are not allowed to send correspondence to other inmates within the jail or any other correctional facilities.


To ensure proper delivery, mail for inmates should be addressed as follows:


Appanoose County Jail


Attn: [Inmate’s Name]
PO Box 474
Centerville, IA 52544


Appanoose County Sheriff Department

The Appanoose County Sheriff’s Office welcomes feedback, opinions, and inquiries from the public. Sheriff Gary D. Anderson and the dedicated staff strive to maintain a respected, professional, and experienced office.


For any communication, you can reach out to the Appanoose County Sheriff’s Office using the following contact information:


Appanoose County Sheriff’s Office


PO Box 474

22158 Dewey Rd.
Centerville, IA 52544
Phone: 641-437-7100
Fax: 641-437-7107


Overview of Appanoose County

Appanoose County was established on February 17, 1843, from previously unsettled land. It was named in honor of Chief Appanoose, a respected Meskwaki leader known for advocating peace and not participating in the war led by Black Hawk. The county seat, initially known as Chaldea, was later renamed Senterville in tribute to Congressman William Tandy Senter from Tennessee. In April 1848, a courthouse was built at a cost of $160 and remained in use until 1857. The second courthouse, opened in 1864, suffered damage during a fireworks display on the Fourth of July and was partially destroyed. The third and current courthouse was dedicated on May 21, 1903 and continues to serve the county.


In the summer of 1832, a cavalry unit embarked on a reconnaissance mission from Davenport, traveling as far west as Fort Leavenworth. Their route took them through what would eventually become Appanoose County, following a nearly southwest direction. They passed near present-day Moulton, camped overnight at a spring southwest of Cincinnati, and exited the area by crossing into Missouri near the southwest corner of Pleasant Township. Early settlers in search of land claims discovered two trails: the path taken by the cavalry unit and another trail with a general north-south direction known as the “bee trace,” frequently used by honey collectors during the summer months. A post office named Beetrace existed in Washington Township until March 1, 1886, possibly indicating the origin of this trail. Settlers reported that the trail was easily followed into Taylor Township. Another “bee-trace” route ran diagonally from Missouri through Davis County and terminated near Unionville.


Appanoose County is situated in the state of Iowa. According to the 2020 census, it had a population of 12,317. The county seat is Centerville. The U.S. Census Bureau records the county’s total area as 516 square miles (1,340 km2), with 497 square miles (1,290 km2) of land and 19 square miles (49 km2) (3.7%) of water. The primary physical feature of the county is Rathbun Reservoir, created by damming the Chariton River.


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Appanoose County Jail

PO Box 474

22158 Dewey Rd.
Centerville, IA 52544
(641) 437-7106