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Allen County Jail

Allen County, located in Indiana, falls under the jurisdiction of the Indiana Department of Correction, which oversees all correctional facilities within the county. The day-to-day operations of the county jails are managed by the respective county Sheriff’s offices or local police departments. To facilitate public access to inmate information, the Indiana County Sheriff’s Association has established a user-friendly online platform for searching and retrieving inmate records.


Policy on Video Visitation

Prior to authorization, visitors must agree to adhere to all rules and regulations governing video visitation.


1. Registration is mandatory for all visitors, which can be done either online at https://allencountyin.gtlvisitme.com or at the jail lobby kiosk. It is essential that all information provided during registration is accurate. If discrepancies are found between the visitor’s information and their identification at check-in, the visit will be denied until the information is updated and corrected.

2. The use of false names or identification by visitors will result in a one-year suspension of visitation privileges.

3. At the Allen County Jail, one registered adult visitor can have a video visit with one child. For internet visits, two adults and up to two children are permitted, provided that both adults are registered visitors. Non-registered individuals are not allowed to participate in any visit.

4. Appropriate behavior is strictly enforced during video visitation. Visitors are prohibited from engaging in rude or vulgar behavior, using offensive language, exposing body parts, or engaging in any lewd conduct. All visitors must dress appropriately and in good taste.

5. Cell phones and recording devices are strictly prohibited during visitation sessions. Visitors are not permitted to show pictures, letters, documents, or any other items during visits. Violations of this policy may result in visitation suspension for up to one year.

6. Visitors must report and check-in at the jail lobby at least 15 minutes before their scheduled visit. Scheduled internet visits do not require check-in at the jail lobby.

7. Failure to attend a scheduled visit will be counted as a visitation session for both the inmate and the visitor. Visits can be canceled through the visitation scheduling portal.

8. Food and drinks are not permitted in the jail lobby.

9. When a registered adult visitor is accompanied by a minor child, they are responsible for maintaining control of the child while in the jail lobby.

10. All visitors must have had no recent incarceration within the past 90 days to be eligible for visitation.

11. Eligible inmates are allowed one 25-minute visit per week from the jail lobby. Internet visits also have a duration of 25 minutes but are unlimited in number.

12. Adequate lighting must be ensured during video visits to allow clear visibility of the visitor. If the visitor cannot be properly seen, the visit will be terminated.

13. When using the GTL VisMobile app on a cell phone, visitors are prohibited from taking screenshots, recording, or engaging in any other activity on the cell phone during the visit.


Correspondence via Mail

Mail delivery for inmates at Allen County Jail takes place between 2:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. It is important to note that the jail does not accept pictures, cards, photographs, or any kind of graphics. If any such items are sent, they will be returned to the sender whenever possible. Additionally, letters or messages brought directly to the jail will not be delivered.

While mail is checked for contraband, it is not subject to censorship. However, indigent inmates are provided with necessary materials and postage to send two letters per week free of charge.

For mailing correspondence to Allen County Jail, please use the following address:

Allen County Jail

417 S. Calhoun St.
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802


Inmate Telephone Services

Telephones are accessible in the general population cellblocks at specified hours, from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. However, inmates serving disciplinary time may not have access to this privilege. It’s important to note that for local calls, the charges are billed to the called party at a rate of $1.95 for the initial fifteen minutes.


Inmate Commissary Services

Smoking is strictly prohibited at the Jail. However, inmates have the opportunity to purchase various items from the Jail Commissary, including writing materials, personal hygiene products, and food items.


Inmate Health and Medication Services

At the Jail, sick call is conducted on a daily basis to address inmates’ medical needs. Inmates are responsible for paying a minimum fee for healthcare services and prescriptions. In the case of indigent inmates, treatment will not be withheld; however, any outstanding balance will be recorded against their account. Indigent inmates will receive essential healthcare items on a weekly basis to meet their minimum healthcare requirements.


Inmate Financial Transactions

In the cellblock, currency is classified as contraband and not permitted. However, inmates have the option to maintain funds on an account at the Jail. These funds can be utilized for purposes such as paying fines or bond. It is important to note that the disbursement of funds from an inmate’s account to their attorney can only occur outside of the Jail. Personal checks are not accepted, and only U.S. Postal money orders are eligible for deposit into an inmate’s account.


Inmate Clothing Provision

Inmates who have a jury trial scheduled one day before the trial date are eligible to receive one set of clothes, which can be delivered to them.

Inmate Meal Services

Inmates at the facility receive three meals per day, including weekends and holidays. The menu offered is designed to meet the registered daily allowance suitable for individuals leading a moderately active lifestyle. The menu ensures a daily average calorie count of no less than 2,800 calories. It is important to note that meals are never withheld from inmates as a disciplinary measure.


Inmate Reading Material Provision

The Allen County Jail Chaplaincy Board maintains a library of reading material for inmates. Volunteer visits take place weekly, during which a book cart from the library is brought to each cellblock. It’s important to note that inmates are not permitted to have books from outside the Jail; they can only access reading material provided through the Jail’s library system.


Inmate Religious Services Provision

The Allen County Jail Chaplaincy Board has dedicated a section of the Jail as a chapel for conducting religious services. Two services are held each week on designated nights. Due to the significant inmate population, inmate church services follow a two-week rotating schedule based on block assignments. Pastoral visits for inmates are scheduled upon request.


Inmate Account Payment Services

To add money to an inmate’s Trust account for commissary purchases.


To add money to an inmate’s account for making calls to numbers that don’t accept collect calls.

Funds Available Within 24 Hours!

24/7 Account Funding:

Debit/Credit Card
Cash at Kiosk
Cash with Green Dot Money Pak

For Telephone:
Toll-Free Number: 1-866-232-1899

Website: www.touchpaydirect.com

Located in the Jail Lobby

Please have the following information available when funding an account:

Facility Locator: 246801
Inmate Name: [Insert Inmate Name]
Inmate ID#: [Insert Inmate ID#]
Location: Allen County, IN


There is a convenience fee associated with the usage of this system.


Allen County Sheriff Department

The mission of the Allen County Sheriff’s Department is to collaboratively enhance the well-being of the citizens in Allen County by ensuring safety, security, and service to the community. They strive to fulfill the constitutional duties of the Office of Sheriff while aiming to improve the overall quality of life for residents.


Overview of Allen County

Allen County, located in the state of Indiana in the United States, is a populous county with a population of 385,410 as per the 2020 Census, making it the third-most populous county in Indiana. The county seat and largest city is Fort Wayne, which holds the second position in terms of size among Indiana cities.

Allen County is part of the Fort Wayne Metropolitan Statistical Area and the Fort Wayne–Huntington–Auburn Combined Statistical Area. It serves as the cultural and economic hub of northeastern Indiana. Geographically, the county enjoys a strategic location within a 200-mile (320 km) radius of major population centers such as Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Indianapolis, Louisville, Milwaukee, as well as being within a one-day drive for one-third of the U.S. population and one-fifth of Canadians.

Having been inhabited by indigenous cultures for thousands of years, Allen County was officially established by European Americans on December 17, 1823, after being carved out of Delaware and Randolph counties. It was formally formed on April 1, 1824, at the Ewing Tavern. The county derives its name from Colonel John Allen, an attorney and Kentucky state senator who lost his life during the War of 1812. Fort Wayne, strategically situated at the confluence of the Maumee, St. Joseph, and St. Mary’s rivers, was designated as the county seat in May 1824.

In terms of land area, Allen County is the largest county in Indiana, spanning 660.02 square miles (1,709.4 km2), according to the 2010 census. Out of this total area, 657.31 square miles (1,702.4 km2) (or 99.59%) is comprised of land, while 2.71 square miles (7.0 km2) (or 0.41%) is covered by water.


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