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Adams County Jail

The Adams County Jail serves as a medium-sized correctional facility in Adams County, located on a 16-acre plot within the urban area of Quincy. Designed to accommodate pre-trial inmates, this facility provides housing for up to 120 individuals. In addition to its primary function as a jail, Adams County Jail offers comprehensive reintegration programs specifically tailored for male convicted offenders. The level of security at the facility is categorized as minimum, ensuring a controlled environment. Situated in Quincy, within Adams County, Illinois, the jail sees an average of 43 new bookings on a monthly basis. To manage operations and maintain order, the facility is staffed by a dedicated team of 24 personnel.

Guidelines for Sending Money and Mail

Inmates at Adams County Jail, like many other correctional facilities, eagerly anticipate the arrival of mail as it brings them joy and connection with the outside world. The jail encourages inmates to engage in correspondence with their friends and loved ones, fostering a sense of support and emotional well-being. Mail sent to the facility undergoes a thorough security check to ensure compliance with regulations and to prevent the inclusion of any prohibited items.


For sending mail to inmates at Adams County Jail, the facility’s address is as follows:


[Inmate’s Name/Booking Number]

In custody of Adams County Jail
521 Vermont Street, Quincy, IL, 62301


Inmates also have the opportunity to maintain a commissary account, where their friends and loved ones can deposit money. Within the jail, there are canteens and shops that offer essential items such as writing materials and snacks for purchase.


To facilitate the process of sending money to inmates, Adams County Jail utilizes the services of Touchpay. Setting up an account with this company enables individuals to conveniently send money to inmates at the facility.


Telephone Calls

Inmates at Adams County Jail are granted phone call privileges, providing them with a minimum of fifteen minutes to communicate from within the facility. It is important to note that all conversations are subject to monitoring by prison officials to ensure security and adherence to regulations.


Guidelines for Visiting the Jail

Prior to granting entry, Adams County Jail has the authority to conduct an investigation on individuals intending to visit. Visitors are required to carry a photograph of the inmate they wish to visit. It is essential for visitors to dress in appropriate attire and present a valid identification document. Visiting hours at the facility are available throughout the week, from 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM.


Adams County Sheriff Department

The Sheriff assumes the crucial role of being the Chief Law Enforcement Officer for the Circuit Court, as well as overseeing safety measures and acting as the administrator of the County Jail. The primary responsibilities of this Office encompass the investigation of violent and fraudulent crimes, apprehending suspects, and recovering stolen property and evidence. The Adams County Sheriff’s Department is dedicated to delivering professional, high-quality, and efficient police services, correctional facilities, and court security services in collaboration with the community.

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office carries the responsibility of providing essential law enforcement services to the unincorporated regions within the county. It is also entrusted with the task of thoroughly investigating all crimes transpiring in its jurisdiction, executing warrants, managing the incarcerated population in the county jail, and ensuring security within the county courthouse’s courtrooms. Sheriff Brian Vonderhaar serves as the head of the Adams County Sheriff’s Office. For direct communication with Sheriff Brian Vonderhaar, individuals can utilize the email address sheriff@co.adams.il.us.

Overview of Adams County

Adams County, located in the westernmost part of Illinois, holds the distinction of being the westernmost county in the state. According to the 2020 census, the county had a population of 65,737 residents. The county seat is Quincy, and Adams County is included within the Quincy, IL–MO Micropolitan Statistical Area. Established in 1825 from a division of Pike County, the county derives its name in honor of John Quincy Adams, the sixth President of the United States. Spanning a total area of 871 square miles (2,260 km2), the county consists of 855 square miles (2,210 km2) of land and 16 square miles (41 km2) of water, accounting for 1.9% of its overall area.


As of the 2020 United States Census, Adams County had a population of 65,737 people, residing in 27,199 households and 17,398 families. The population density was calculated to be 75.5 individuals per square mile (29.2/km2). Within the county, there were 30,235 housing units, resulting in an average density of 34.7 units per square mile (13.4/km2). In terms of racial composition, 89.5% of the population identified as white, 3.8% as black or African American, 0.8% as Asian, 0.2% as American Indian, 0.8% as belonging to other races, and 4.9% as having two or more races. Individuals of Hispanic or Latino origin accounted for 2.0% of the population. The most commonly reported ancestries were German (35.9%), Irish (11.1%), English (8.1%), and American (7.4%).


Adams County, situated in a predominantly rural region of Illinois, maintains a distinct cultural isolation from urban centers like Chicago. Consequently, it tends to exhibit a more conservative disposition compared to the northeastern part of the state. The county seat, Quincy, is characterized by a substantial population of socially conservative Catholics. Quincy is also home to Quincy University, a private Catholic liberal arts college, and serves as the headquarters of the Western Catholic Union.


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